By Tanner Stransky
Updated September 18, 2009 at 04:36 PM EDT

Last night’s ridiculously trashy, yet delightful, episode of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta has already been brilliantly recapped by EW’s own Karen Valby. But this morning, I’m sitting here at my desk, supposed to be blogging about things like Leno ratings and some guy who got arrested after trying to get in a car with Ryan Seacrest, and all I can hear in my head is “Tardy for the Party,” the awful club-synth track that Kim Zolciak recorded on last night’s episode. Literally, I’ve played it via YouTube about 50 times this morning.

I’d heard it before, of course, when it was released to the ‘net about a month ago. But “Tardy” really sunk in last night, mostly because of the ridiculousness that swirled around the song in the episode. Until now, we hadn’t seen how the “Tardy for the Party” drama unfolded between the ladies. It all stems from the fact that Kim had originally planned to record the track with NeNe. But, turns out, from the previews for next week, that ain’t gonna happen. Karen Valby put it best in her recap: “When they played the track back,” she wrote, “Kim was so thrilled she immediately decided to shove NeNe and her damn verse out of the scenario.” Spot on.

But in my obsession with the song, I’ve found that I need to read everything related to it. And hark! People has an interview about it with NeNe! Basically, she’s saying that “Tardy for the Party” was her song. (What?!? Since when?!? Seems like it’s Kandi’s song!) “I think you guys are going to feel for me,” she told the magazine. “‘Tardy For The Party’ was my song. Now she’s doing ‘Tardy For The Party,’ and I’m not on it.” But, after acting like she totally does care about the song, NeNe adds: “I don’t care if I’m not on it.”

So my questions related to “Tardy” for you, PopWatchers, are these: Are you similarly obsessed with “Tardy for the Party”? Do you think Kim wronged NeNe by not allowing her on the track? Do you wish there were a NeNe version of the song? If you haven’t heard, enjoy it here:

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