Today’s “Made Us Think” post comes from Ann, who thought our resident Idoloonie Michael Slezak got it all wrong with his scathing review of Paula Abdul’s performance as host of last night’s VH1: Divas concert, especially the part where he said he felt like everyone was in on the joke” except for the “Vibeology” singer. “I think even the Teleprompter was suppressing an inappropriate chuckle on occasion,” Slezak added. Here’s what Ann had to say in response:

“Wow Michael, I usually agree with you, but I think you’re being way too harsh here. I thought [Paula] had quite a bit of nervous energy at the beginning, but I cut her some slack for that, seeing as this was her first time performing live (her Idol performance was pre-taped) in well over a decade. And in a radio interview yesterday, Paula said she wrote the skit used in the Divas promos (the employment agency one) and helped write all of the skits used on the show last night. So she was DEFINITELY in on the joke. Have to admire someone who can have a laugh at her own expense AND dance in six-inch heels. I enjoyed the show very much, especially the opening number and the Ellen parody.”

What did you think of Paula’s hosting job? And is it possible she’s in on the joke when it comes to her off-kilter persona?