Patrick Swayze had nearly completed ''The Time of My Life'' before his death


Last February, in the thick of his battle with pancreatic cancer, Patrick Swayze inked a deal with Atria to write a memoir, called The Time of My Life. Following his death, the company plans to stick to the book’s on-sale date of Sept. 29. ”We are forging ahead,” says publicity director Kathleen Schmidt. Up until last Monday, Swayze and his wife, Lisa Niemi, 53, were on board to publicize the book, which deals at length with his health struggles. ”He talks about his diagnosis, his illness, his treatment, how you use the time that’s left to you,” says Atria publisher Judith Curr. ”It’s a great love story, and a story of courage, set against a Hollywood backdrop.” Swayze and Niemi did have a ghostwriter, she says, but they were very involved — and Swayze himself had just finished recording the abridged audio version before he died. ”Most big stars wouldn’t want to spend those hours in a studio,” says Curr, noting the tedious process. ”But he did.”