Jennifer's Body, Adam Brody

In Jennifer’s Body (in theaters today), Adam Brody, our favorite geek hero from The O.C., tries evil on for size. He plays the lead singer of a devil-worshipping emo band that attempts to sacrifice Jennifer (Megan Fox) because they think she’s a virgin and it will bring them greater fame. (He doesn’t do his own vocals: “My singing voice is still going through puberty,” he says. “They gave me a singing lesson or two, and it’s not the worst thing in the world, but it’s not anything anyone would choose to hear.”) Unfortunately, since Jennifer’s not pure, a demon takes over her body and starts feeding on high school boys. Almost as dangerous as Megan Fox with a supernatural appetite? The EW Pop Culture Personality Test. Brody submitted to one and had a couple of friends over in case he needed backup…

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: The best concert you’ve ever seen?

ADAM BRODY: My first. I saw Kris Kross in the front row. We were the same age. It’s also the best seats I’ve ever had at a concert to this day.

Did you wear your clothes backwards?

I didn’t, but I admired the fact that they did greatly?

The most embarrassing song on your iPod?

“Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head.” It was in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, I like that. But it doesn’t get the party started, that’s for sure.

The song that makes you want to murder someone?

Every Black Eyed Peas song makes me want to kill someone at first. “Boom Boom Pow,” “Lady Humps” — this is sweeping the nation? I never come around to loving it, but I’m like, Alright, fine.

The show you TiVo but never actually watch?

I flatter myself and TiVo Charlie Rose a lot, but so rarely do I get there.

The show you can’t miss?

I look forward to Real Time with Bill Maher the most. It’s one of the more honest conversations that happens each week.

The last awesomely bad movie you got sucked into on cable?

I saw a little of If Looks Could Kill, the Richard Grieco classic from 1991, last night. He never lets you down. He’s a high school student who goes on a field trip to Europe and gets mistaken for James Bond, basically. I mean, it’s awful.

What is your favorite awesomely bad movie?

[Yells to his friends] What’s an awesomely bad movie that I love? [Friend says Bloodsport.] Yeah. Give me two more [Friend says something unintelligible.] But those are all Van Damme. Give me one that’s not Van Damme. [Friend says something unintelligible.] Give me one that’s not Van Damme or has karate in it. [Friends says Road House.] Pseudo-karate.

Have you ever seen Gymkata? That’s my favorite. It’s gymnastic meets karate, and it stars Olympic gymnast Kurt Thomas.

No…You know what I’ll watch: Anything that has both Coreys in it. How about that? I know The Lost Boys is everyone’s favorite. Not mine. It really is License to Drive or Dream a Little Dream, for me. I guess I was more into the girls than the vampires. Is it as something as Heather Graham and Meredith Salenger? I don’t know. Maybe it is. Probably.

What if you had to choose between License to Drive and Dream a Little Dream?

That’s such a good question. Dream a Little Dream has slipped through the cracks, but I really liked it at the time. I’ll tell you this, I specifically remember there’s a part in the opening credits of Dream a Little Dream and they put like six inches of mousse in their hair, there’s a whole getting-ready-’80s-mousse montage and I did that. I must have been in like second grade at the time. I was very influenced by their style. But it’s a toss up. That’s like asking me to choose a Corey, which you don’t do.

You recently wrapped Kevin Smith’s A Couple of Dicks. I colleague of mine was on the set and said he heard co-star Tracy Morgan can do a one-man Planet of the Apes. What movie can you act out scene-for-scene?

[1987’s] North Shore. I grew up surfing in San Diego, and there’s not many surfing movies. That is the movie I’ve seen more than any movie in my life, close to 80 times. It’s The Karate Kid with surfing….Matt Adler is the Ralph Macchio role, Nia Peeples is the Elisabeth Shue role, and Laird Hamilton is the Billy Zabka role. And then Christian Slater’s Gleaming the Cube [1989], which is even more ridiculous and far-fetched. His brother is murdered and somehow he fights crime through skateboarding.

The ’80s movie that should be remade?

This one is really f—ed, and I’ll say it because it will never make it: [1989’s] The Dream Team is an awesome, totally politically incorrect movie from the ’80s that I would love to see remade. It’s a funny, fish-out-of-water One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest with Michael Keaton and Peter Boyle and I can’t even remember who else [Christopher Lloyd and Stephen Furst] in a mental institution. They go on a field trip to the city and get separated from their doctor and have adventures and they’re all insane. If they want to remake it, I’m in.

The comic book that still deserves to be made into a movie?

The Savage Dragon from Image Comics. He’s kinda like Hulk, but he’s a cop and has a green Mohawk. It’s not super rated R, but they do shoot people in the face, which I always thought was kinda nuts. I wouldn’t be the guy to play him. It’s more of a Ron Perlman type role.

Your three favorite movie deaths?

The Wild Bunch is pretty sweet: William Holden behind a machine gun kills about a hundred people and then dies. The Fly: Jeff Goldblum falls apart through the whole movie and it’s nice and gross. Straw Dogs: Bear trap on the head is pretty strong imagery.

If you had to be devoured by one of your former female costars, you would you choose:

I’m trying to think if that’s a pleasurable thing or not. Probably not…Olympia Dukakis. I think she’d start at the toes, so you could have a conversation ’til the end. It’s comforting.

In the inevitable O.C. reunion, what are Seth and Ryan up to?

Seth has fallen on hard times, and Ryan is a lawyer and has to defend him.

What crime is Seth accused of?

Sailing without a license.

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

I have seen the first Twilight. I go Team Edward. I’m just not sure about the other dude yet. Edward, you can trust him. Jacob, we just don’t know where he’s coming from yet, what his angle is, what his play is.

Jon or Kate?

Jesus, that Jon guy looks like a d—head, so I’m gonna go with Kate.

Last question: The virgin you would sacrifice to achieve greater fame?

Tucker Carlson.