Just back from a delightfully vulgar, all-stops-out live stage performance of the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s “The Nightman Cometh” and I echo my colleague Mandi Bierly’s earlier post when I say, this cast is really working at peak form. And when you see the gang do their show in Philadelphia — well, the sold-out crowd reacted as though the Phillies had just won the pennant.

So get over to Mandi’s post and vote for your favorite character, and if you’re in Seattle on 22nd or in San Francisco on the 24th — sites of the cast’s final two live shows — make sure you grab a ticket. If not, watch the new episodes. I hereby give the new season on FX a solid…


(Yes, A-minus; “A”s are for perfect shows, and a big part of Sunny‘s appeal is that it strives to be imperfect — to make hilarity out of hashed-together ideas. Therein lies its ongoing, paradoxical ambition.)

Did you watch Sunny‘s season premiere this week? What did you think?