Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't, on the Beatles, Joel McHale, and Rumer Willis

By EW Staff
Updated September 18, 2009 at 04:00 AM EDT

Feedback from our readers

  • Moptop Mania
  • Thanks for a Fab (Four) issue on the rebirth of the greatest band of all time and your brave effort to ignite debate by ranking the boys’ best work, along with their busts.
  • Corey Miller
  • Woodbury, Minn.

You’ve gone completely mad, haven’t you? Everyone knows there is no definitive Beatles list. We each make our own best-of list of the songs that touch our hearts. And, for the record, ”Ticket to Ride” is No. 1, ”Flying” is unfairly slammed on your ”Worst” list, and your cover photo is fabulous, although I’m still trying to find George and Ringo on it.
Jackie Howell
Orange, Va.

Design director Amid Capeci responds: When we looked at the iconic photos of the band taken in 1965 by legendary British photographer David Bailey, we were immediately drawn to the shot of John and Paul. In terms of simplicity and power, no other picture compared to it. But by using it on the cover we intended no disrespect toward Ringo or George!

  • Rumer Has It
  • I have to admit I knew little about Rumer Willis besides the fact that she’s the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. But after reading your article on her, I decided she seems like a pretty normal 21-year-old. I think people need to lighten up and give her a chance. At least she’s not doing some lame reality show.
  • Mike Dampier
  • Los Angeles

In ‘The Soup’
What a fantastic piece on Joel McHale! As a dedicated follower of The Soup, I can’t wait for more Community and McHale coverage.
Victoria Holloran
Rockledge, Fla.

John Lennon supposedly said ”I buried Paul,” not ”Paul is dead,” on ”Strawberry Fields Forever.” ”Helter Skelter” was released in 1968 (”Beatlemania 2009: The 50 Best Songs”).

50 Best Beatles Songs Redux
”By ranking the 50 best Beatles songs you pretty much baited readers into sending the standard ‘How could you forget…’ letters,” Joe Shearer wrote us. Joe, you weren’t kidding. Below, some of the many suggestions.

‘I Feel Fine’ 1964
The perfect pop-rock song. Great riff, ecstatic chorus, Lennon’s vocal, and the feedback… Come on.
Jeremy Stewart

‘Michelle’ 1965
You found room for the ”I’m” songs (e.g., ”I’m So Tired,” ”I’m Down”) but not the likes of ”Michelle.” Who did this list? Yoko and Heather?
Robert Stricklin
West Palm Beach, Fla.

‘Got to Get You Into My Life’ 1966
A few demerits for leaving out ”Got to Get You Into My Life”!
James Fannon
Burleson, Tex.

‘Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds’ 1967
How can you forget about ”the girl with kaleidoscope eyes”?
Yolanda Anne Brown
Marshall, Tex.

‘The Long and Winding Road’ 1970
So sorry to see the Blue Meanies got to you. ”Road” is the best Beatles song. Get well soon.
Mike Jalbert
New York City