Often when fans talk about a book or TV show in the vampire genre, they feel the need to qualify their enjoyment by saying “It’s my guilty pleasure.” Not so with Melissa de la Cruz’s New York Times best selling Blue Bloods series. Sure, as we pointed out when teen protagonist Schuyler Van Alen made EW’s list of the 20 greatest vampires in pop culture, we may have come for the star-crossed lovers: The Blue Bloods are a society of ancient vampires who cycle through lifetimes bonded to the same person (when they find one another, the memories of their previous incarnations return), which means Schuyler’s romance with handsome Jack Force, who’s tied to Mimi (the meanest — and most entertaining — girl on New York’s Upper East Side) was never going to end well. But we stayed for the slow-build family and murder mysteries. The more Schuyler learns about her unique past and the return of the Silver Bloods, vampires who prey upon their Bluer cousins, the more we want to know. Which is why just the title of Book 4, The Van Alan Legacy, on shelves Oct. 6, got us excited. Now that we’ve seen the trailer — nice and moody à la the Mad Men opening credits — we’re thinking about pre-ordering. (If you haven’t read the series, start at the beginning.)