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Stop whatever you're doing, Madge-aholics! Madonna's new single from her upcoming Celebration hits collection (featuring Lil Wayne!) debuted online today in full. And it's incredibly…. underwhelming.

Anyone hoping this collaboration with Wayne would mean a new direction for the 51-year-old superstar will be disappointed. "Revolver" is pretty standard Top 40 background listening—more of the same electro R&B she played around with on Hard Candy.

It's not bad by any stretch, but it certainly won't end up on the next greatest-hits collection she releases ten years from now.

The problem with "Revolver" is the droning melody—and chances are, Madonna agrees. If her detached, monotone singing is any indication, even she doesn't seem terribly interested in the track.

In business terms, though, it's a good move: "Celebration"—the other new song from her upcoming collection—is the '80s dance throwback to please longtime fans, and this song should court younger listeners and do fairly well on the charts.

But let's give praise where it's due. One thing you have to give Madonna is her unerring knack for writing charmingly frivolous lyrics: "My love's a revolver/My sex is a killer/Do you wanna die happy?"

I will die happy. But that's because I'll be listening to "Into the Groove" on my way out.

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