Wait! It’s over? It’s done? Yes, my Big Brother friends, the season has come to an end. Phooey. Granted, I’ve got some stuff going on (Baby ChenTot is on his way…well, soon!), but it’s always a bit sad when I say the final goodnight at the end of each season. Sigh…what a season it was!

BUT FIRST… (Chenbot lives on!)


First round of HOH: “Log Jam”


Set-up: The Houseguests stood on a log while keeping contact with their key. As the seasons began to turn, so did the log. We threw wind, rain, leaves and snow at them. Jordan fell first.

Cut to…Natalie thinks Kevin is good on his word to take her to the final two and jumps off the log roll 10 minutes or so after Jordan fell (she was having a shower when it happened). WOW! As I watched, I couldn’t help but think…“You get to the Final 3 and you believe anyone??” Sigh. I’m not going to lie…Natalie played a good game, but, that was a stupid move. I’m sitting at home screaming at the television, “Stay on the damn log!” Not because I’m partial…I just couldn’t believe she’d be that big of a gambler! Having said that, she may not have been the dominant force in our Big Brother competitions, but she ultimately got herself far in this game. Natalie haters, think it through. It’s a GAME, she played it good enough to get her to the Final Two.

SIDE NOTE: Folks, I know some of you think there was some sort of conspiracy with this challenge…Natalie didn’t break any rules on this. I do appreciate the passion, though…thanks for caring!

Natalie to Jordan: “What the hell was that white stuff?”

Jordan: “It’s snow, Natalie.”


The Big Brother pets this season were fish – Tiger Barb from Sumatra and Rand Garra Algae Eaters from Borneo.

HOH – PART TWO: “Heads Will Roll”

Winner: Jordan

Since Kevin won Part 1 of 3 for the final H.O.H. competition, Part 2 was between the ladies of the house.

Natalie and Jordan took turns (while the other was in lock-down, unaware of the end result…Kevin was sweating it out, also in lockdown, somewhere in the BB house). One at a time, each stood at the base of a ramp with the names of former Houseguest printed on balls which they then needed to roll up the ramp in order of this season’s H.O.H. reign.

Jordan won (Natalie: 5 correct; Jordan: 9 correct).


There are 52 cameras used in the Big Brother House.

There are 95 microphones used in the Big Brother House.

There are 119 one-way mirrors in the Big Brother House.

It takes approximately 230 laps in the pool to equal a mile.

There are approximately 200-300 hours of footage shot to produce one episode!!


Winner: Jordan

Talk about a nail-biter. It came down to a tie between Kevin and Jordan and up to…the chalkboard. And a question about the total votes cast (including tie-breakers) this entire season. I thought Kevin had it. He was counting on his fingers while Jordan seemed panicked. Readers…we all under-estimated Jordan. The correct answer was 51…she wrote 50. Well. Done. Jordan.


Jeff to Lydia during the Jury House Debate: “I might as well talk to that plant!”…It’s like talking to a road cone!”

Jeff to Jessie during the Jury House debate: “This room doesn’t fit your head, and we’re outside!”

Lydia (while casting her vote): “Jordan, I love a good blonde.”

I (and my alter ego, Chenbot) would like to thank all of you for supporting the show and supporting me. I’m not going to even try to spin this…I was sweating it…as much as I wanted to host the Big Brother Finale, I wasn’t sure if Baby ChenTot had different plans for me. We all made it to the end…I thank all of you for your kind words and support. You have no idea how much this has meant to me. Big Hug to All! I’m off to have A BABY…YAHOO!! Big Brother fans…you’re the best!

BTW: You can see Jeff on “The Bonnie Hunt Show” this Friday…check your local listings! They’re both from Chicago…should be fun to watch!


Question: There are those who believe that the Big Brother producers favor certain houseguests. Examples include Kevin’s statement that the diary room producers pressured him to keep Michele in the game, and the fact that Jordan was not expelled despite approaching Russell in a threatening manner. In a 2007 EW interview Alison Grodner admitted that the Big Brother rules can be changed at any time. In the Netherlands, Australia and UK, there have been several lawsuits alleging that Big Brother is rigged. How do you respond to current allegations that Big Brother 11 is rigged?

Julie: Big Brother is NOT rigged. I think the scandal of the 50’s game show, Quiz Show, was a lesson for all as to why you cannot rig a game show. It’s ILLEGAL! Plus, it would defeat the concept of Big Brother. Our show is about human behavior and the consequences of that behavior. Sometimes the good guys win…sometimes they don’t. It’s like life. If it was rigged, the show would be boring and predictable! The drama is in the surprise of what happens every week…be it something you’re happy about or not.

Viewer: Julie, Please say that you will continue to host BB after you become a mother. This show wouldn’t be the same without you. It is by far my favorite reality show on TV. I eagerly await it every summer. Congrats.

Julie: Absolutely! I love the show too…hosting it, watching it, working on it, blogging about it…the list goes on. I cannot imagine having the show continue without me hosting it. I have so much fun doing it. Thank you!

Viewer: Will you be back next year to blog Big Brother 12 at EW? I absolutely loved your insights on the best television show of the summer! (Editors note: we would LOVE to have you back, Julie!!!!)

Julie: Yes, yes and yes! Thanks for asking (fans and editors!). I had a blast doing these blogs. It made me feel hip and young and I didn’t even have to tweet!

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