By EW Staff
Updated September 16, 2009 at 09:51 PM EDT

Today’s Made Us Think comment comes from “Elly,” who writes in response to Missy Schwartz’s interview with Jane Campion,

“I suspect a large reason there are so few well-known female filmmakers may be that so many female writers, directors etc. are too focused on the lack of “just for women” entertainment, and so tend to turn out stuff with distinct agendas for distinct female audiences — i.e. the ‘empowerment’ Campion spoke of — instead of just focusing on making a good product. I see it all the time in books – I rarely read sci-fi or fantasy by female authors, because the story is usually just there as a weak afterthought to help move the rant along, the real point of the book being to obsess over what patriarchal pigs men can be. Case in point: Margaret Atwood.”

That’s one theory, and it certainly got us thinking. What about you?