By Annie Barrett
September 16, 2009 at 03:29 PM EDT

Last night’s second episode of The Jay Leno Show introduced a new segment, TEN@TEN, during which Jay “makes house calls” via satellite video to stars. New cohabitants Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz answered 10 completely unrelated questions from the set of their 2010 film Wichita, which is obviously being filmed in Worcester, Mass. The whole interview — embedded after the jump, due to auto-play — is pretty surreal (and at times Suri-eal, whoa!) and stilted except for the 20 or seconds during which the pair bicker in the style of an online-dating success story commercial about who laughs more. He laughs all the time! It’s nonstop with her! Constantly laughing! First thing in the morning, it’s like “Cameron, please!” Get ready to sign up for eHarmony, y’all.

Also, wait a minute: Does the public really want to know about Tom Cruise’s strip club agenda and whether he’s better at flying or sex?

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