The Jay Leno Show dropped 40 percent of its audience from night 1 to night 2, according to Nielsen’s final numbers. That sounds like a reason for scripted showrunners to rejoice, but hold on: its 11.1 million viewers Tuesday at 10 p.m. still tops the performance of its former time slot occupant, Law & Order: SVU, which averaged 9.3 million viewers last season. ( How will Leno do on night 3 with in-studio guest Robin Williams, “10 at 10” participant Miley Cyrus, and Aussie comedian/correspondents Hamish and Andy introducing America to the phenomenon “Ghosting” (spoiler below)? Plus, Leno’s only up against a Numb3rs repeat and a new 20/20, so if his numbers aren’t up then showrunners definitely have reason to celebrate.