Credit: Friends: NBC; Capitol: Ron Wolfson/Landov

ABC has a D.C.-set sitcom in the works from Friends and How I Met Your Mother alum Greg Malins and, er, Arianna Huffington. Freshmen will follow three newbie representatives — two men and a woman — who share a house. (And more! I’m guessing.)

Malins told Variety that he “always knew [he] wanted to do a show” in DC, and that “once [he] discovered that members of Congress often live together,” he knew he was set. He might have “discovered” this one of the nine billion times it’s been written about in the New York Times alone, all of which mention its sitcommy potential. But okay.

Freshmen is the latest in a string of politically-oriented shows in development: Earlier this summer, Body Politic, The CW’s would-be D.C. series, didn’t get past the pilot stage, but CBS’s House Rules (starring Anna Chlumsky) is still in the works.

I feel compelled to give all political series at least a try, so if Freshmen ever makes it to air, I hereby pledge to watch it at least a few times. I wonder, though, if a political show without a political perspective — the characters will be a Democrat, a Republican, and an independent — will just seem watered down.

What about you, PopWatchers? Does Freshmen get your vote?

Image Credit: Friends: NBC; Capitol: Ron Wolfson/Landov