By Lisa Schwarzbaum
Updated September 16, 2009 at 04:00 AM EDT
Kimberley French

No authentic emotion of any kind happens in this damp, Seattle-based romance, a fizzle for both stars. In Love Happens, Aaron Eckhart mimes the moods of a sad, slick motivational speaker with a specialty in grief counseling — a skill he developed after the death of his wife. Jennifer Aniston impersonates a perky, plucky singleton florist with a specialty in tilting her head inquisitively. The two mope and chirp around Seattle until finally, finally the moper releases a parrot into the wild (don’t ask) and kisses the chirper. Other stuff happens too, all of it strained and dull, with the exception of those scenes in which MVP character actor John Carroll Lynch steals the show as a grieving father. D

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