September 16, 2009 at 02:46 PM EDT

National Geographic Entertainment is making an IMAX 3-D movie about Blue Man Group, those bald, blue mimes who rock out and eat marshmallows. Variety reports Blue Man Group: Mind Blast will be a “comedy that explores the human mind and brain.” (Mind and brain.) It’s about time a film brought the painted performance artists to those unable to catch their unique brand of musical magic in New York (or Orlando, or Las Vegas, or Boston, or on The Tonight Show, or at your last corporate retreat).

This is good news for fans of the original Blue Men, Chris Wink, Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton, who will reportedly star in the new film. It’s also potentially good news for Paul Karason, because Hollywood seems to be in the midst of an unprecedented blue streak. First, there was Watchmen‘s Doctor Manhattan. A Smurfs film is in the works. Avatar‘s teaser trailer certainly features some cerulean characters. And now, Blue Man Group. While blue characters have a long tradition in Hollywood, Karason, the Bellingham, Wash., man whose medication has turned him blue, should strike while the iron is hot. If he’s not interested, I’m sure there’s some Hollywood executive sitting on a Violet Beauregarde origin story. The time is now. By 2011, red could be the new blue, and Elmo will be laughing at your squandered opportunity.

Any clue why Hollywood is feeling so blue lately? Is it a political thing? A sad recession thing? Or simply a you’re-overthinking-this-Jeff thing?

Photo Credit: Scott Legato/PR Photos

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