By Kate Ward
Updated September 16, 2009 at 09:03 PM EDT
Kelsey McNeal/ Fox

Holy déjà vu! Do you remember last week, when American Idol announced they were adding a new permanent judge on their panel? (Of course you do.) Well, everyone’s favorite dance competition, So You Think You Can Dance, has decided to do the same thing. Their pick: Hairspray director, and longtime guest judge, Adam Shankman.

Of course, this recent decision brings up a question: Will the series continue their tradition of inviting a guest judge each week, thereby bringing the panel total to four? Judge Nigel Lythgoe told, “We’ll have an empty chair and that empty chair can be filled, I hope one day, by Paula Abdul and by lots of other people…The trouble is, the minute you pull four judges like American Idol, you’re just opening up the program and not dealing with what you should be dealing with, which is the talent.”

So, I’m guessing the answer is…yes…or maybe no? Not too sure—Lythgoe’s answer is a little like a hip-hop routine choreographed to Air Supply: confusing. Either way, I’m conflicted. I do enjoy Shankman’s critiques—even when they are, at times, somewhat misguided—and this move will thankfully keep him too busy to chase his unfortunate passion: shooting inappropriate photos of underage country starlets. But at the same time, the thought of not having a weekly guest judge like Mia Michaels or Debbie Allen to sober up the panel kind of brings me down like a Tyce Diorio number. As does the thought of having four judges who will likely eat up time that’s better spent with the contestants (or with the delicious Cat, for that matter).

PopWatchers, and fellow SYTYCD fans: are you happy with this decision? Or are you kind of in my club: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?

Photo Credit: Kelsey McNeal/Fox

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