By Tanner Stransky
Updated September 16, 2009 at 08:53 PM EDT
Credit: Art Streiber/The CW

Like any smart teen show out there these days, The CW’s 90210 — which, by the way, is getting better and better this season as it deliciously morphs into The AnnaLynne McCord Show — has decided to capitalize on its music choices with a soundtrack, set to hit Oct. 13. And the line-up isn’t half bad: Everyone from Adele (with the Raconteurs) to N.E.R.D. (featuring Santigold) to OK Go (whose song from the soundtrack, “I Want You So Bad,” was in last night’s sext-heavy episode) to JET is contributing.

What’s interesting, though, is that the tracks aren’t just a compilation of songs that have been heard in old episodes of 90210 — they’re actually new songs, all to be featured in the show this season. What a fresh idea from the folks who put this album together! Instead of a bunch of tired junk, the collection features all brand-new and previously unreleased tracks.

Except, of course, the last one, which is the “90210 Main Title (2009 Remix).” Granted, as the title suggests, it has been geniusly re-recorded by LA indie artists, as EW exclusively revealed to you before the show premiered last week. The thing I love about the theme song being the final track is the nostalgia in that placement. (Or, is it a thing for TV themes to always be the final track on soundtracks?) One of my very cassette tapes back in 1992 was the soundtrack to Beverly Hills, 90210, which also featured the original John E. Davis theme as its last track. I was so cool with that song came on! Or, at least, I felt cool. And that album — featuring Color Me Badd, Paula Abdul, Vanessa Williams, and Jody Watley — was my fourth grade jam, hands down.

This compilation, however, seems decidedly more angsty and teen-modern than the old, a reflection of the time. Just look at some of the titles of the songs: “Valium” by Mute Math (is there a drug overdose in the future for Silver or Naomi?); “A Perfect Tourniquet” by Anberlin (are limbs about to be lost — maybe in an upcoming surfing accident?); and “Sunburn” by Owl City (yes, a return to the beach!) are all included. Oh, the possibilities these song title provide for ridiculous fodder about future storylines!

If you want to make up more possible and totally frivolous 90210 storylines based only song titles on the new soundtrack, the full track listing is after the jump…

1. Adele with The Raconteurs, “Many Shades of Black”

2. N.E.R.D. featuring Santigold, “Soldier”

3. JET, “One Hipster One Bullit”

4. Mute Math, “Valium”

5. OK Go, “I Want You So Bad”

6. The All-American Rejects, “Sierra’s Song”

7. Anberlin, “A Perfect Tourniquet”

8. Owl City, “Sunburn”

9. Will Dailey, “You’re So Cold”

10. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, “Love Seat”

11. Parachute, “One Small Step”

12. Sarah Solovay, “Hearts Collide”

13. Darrelle London, “Understood”

14. Stars Crashing Cars, “City Girl”

15. John E. Davis, “90210 Main Title (2009 Remix)”

What do you think, Music Mixers? Will you purchase the new 90210 soundtrack? Do you like the artists? Do you even like the show? What 90210 storylines can you extrapolate from these song titles?

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