Taylor Swift just appeared on ABC’s The View to talk about her controversial encounter with Kanye West at the MTV Video Music Awards this past Sunday night. So what new angles were the talk show’s hosts able to wring out of this already fairly exhausted story? Well, they had the singer walk them through her thought process in those fateful moments after her Best Female Video VMA win was announced. “Wow, I can’t believe I won,” Swift recalled thinking, followed by, “Oh, Kanye West is here!…Cool haircut!…What are you doing there?!…Ouch.”

The hosts then asked Swift if she would like to meet with West. (Unclear what they think such a meeting would accomplish — maybe he could offer up a third or fourth apology?) “Sure,” she replied, adding that West has not reached out directly to her since the VMAs.

Though Swift remembered feeling “rattled” at the time, she was all smiles this morning. Now that we’ve heard from her, an apologetic Kanye (twice), Jay Leno, and even President Obama, I think it’s time to start asking: Are we ready to move on from this pseudo-scandal yet? Chime in below.

UPDATE: A rep for The View says that Kanye West called their studio to apologize directly to Taylor Swift during her appearance on the show this morning.

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