How long has it been since Obama won the presidency? Let’s see…one, two, three…a total of ten months, folks. So how in the world has Bristol Palin’s ex, Levi Johnston, maintained his relevance? Not only has Johnston been scrutinized in several media outlets, but now he’s also well on his way to becoming an official pop culture icon: The Alaskan dude fielded offers from Playgirl, attended the Teen Choice Awards with comedienne Kathy Griffin, and now, has become the subject of a song written by novelist Nick Hornby and musician Ben Folds, embedded below. (Some sample lyrics: “Woke up this morning/what do I see?/3,000 cameras pointing at me/Dude says, ‘You Levi?’/I’m like, ‘Yes, that’s me, sir.’/’Well you just knocked up the VP nominee’s daughter.'”)

It’s actually quite a good song, outlining the troubles of a good-ol’ boy suddenly forced into notoriety, but it’s just more proof that people are fascinated by the boy known as “Sex on Skates.” And I’m officially joining the club: For whatever reason, I’m happy to get a weekly, nay daily, dose of Levi, even if that dose comes with an unfortunate, unavoidable heaping of Sarah Palin. Are you guys in support of Levi as a pop culture icon? Or do you just wish he would stay out of your RSS feeds?