By Lynette Rice
Updated September 14, 2009 at 04:17 AM EDT

By the end of the VMAs, I pretty much used up my salty tears for Michael Jackson — first while sampling an excerpt of his This is It trailer on Saturday via the MTV website, and then, at the start of tonight’s show, which featured that awesome dance opener and a bodacious Janet Jackson rocking the sheet out of Radio City Music Hall (special kudos to the video production team that sync’ed the video with the hoofers and ended the number with a heartbreaking shot of Jackson looking down on the stage). So when the time finally came to experience the actual This Is It trailer at the end of the show, I wasn’t terribly blown away (well, maybe I got a little giddy from seeing that cool shot of Jackson, clad in all-white togs, slip-sliding down a banister. Woo hoo!). Naturally, I blame Kanye for my lack of post-show enthusiasm — still pissed at the man, even after Beyonce classed up the joint at the end! — but even that mouthy killjoy won’t keep me from the Oct. 28 debut of the concert film from Sony.

We’re already hearing the studio thinks this one’s gonna be big at the box office, but the flick’s only going to run for two weeks because there’s worry that its shelf life could be (sadly) limited. To build anticipation, the studio will start pre-sales early for the flick that’s expected to feature 3-D elements along with tons of outtakes from Jackson’s final rehearsals. So what do you think? Are you planning on snatching one of those exclusive tickets? Think we can get Kanye to pay for half?