By Mandi Bierly
September 14, 2009 at 10:47 PM EDT

I’ve been watching the trailer for Disney’s A Christmas Carol throughout the day, trying to figure out how I feel about Jim Carrey as Scrooge. I find the sound of his voice puts me on edge these days (the stress of not finding him as funny as everyone else seems to?), but I’m thinking that might not be a bad thing when he’s playing an unlikable curmudgeon. Plus, I’m a sucker for when loud comedians go soft, which we know will happen at the end of the film. And at least Carrey looks less like Scrooge than Tom Hanks’ eerie resemblance to the Conductor in The Polar Express, also directed by Robert Zemeckis, so perhaps this movie won’t be so unintentionally creepy.

Am I just forcing myself to be nice, or is this film on your holiday to-do list?