Survivor: Samoa kicks off this Thursday. I can’t wait. Can you? No? Well, guess what? You don’t have to! Tomorrow morning, you’ll be able to see the first 3 minutes of the season premiere right here exclusively on Be sure to check back on Tuesday for that heaping helping of awesome. But what else will we encounter this season on Survivor? Beats me. But you know who does know? That sneaky bastard Jeff Probst! I traveled all the way to Samoa to track down the host-with-the-most so he could deliver the Survivor scoop directly to you, dear readers. Wanna learn about the contestant Probst calls “an evil man through and through”? Care to find out about a mythical Samoan creature known only as “Shambo”? And what’s this about Gentle Jeff throwing someone out of a challenge? All the answers can be found in Jeff Probst’s exclusive Survivor: Samoa preview video below. Click on the clip and enjoy.

But Mr. Probst is just getting things started, people. Make sure to check back Tuesday for the official opening of Survivor: Samoa, and then again on Friday morning for Jeff’s weekly Survivor blog, as well as my rambling recap and an exclusive deleted scene from the episode. More? You want more? Fine! Then get ready for another exciting season of Survivor Talk, where Josh Wolk and I will put our depressing impressive obsession with reality television to use as we grill the contestants after they are booted from the game. (We’ll once again be having some former Survivor guests stop by to join in the fun, with episodes going up Friday afternoons.) There, is that enough? Good. Now go see what our boy Probst has got to say. Survivor fans, ready…GO!