Is Kanye West the new “Soy Bomb”? Moments after Taylor Swift’s win for Best Female Video (“You Belong With Me”) was announced tonight at MTV’s Video Music Awards (check out our live blog), a furious Mr. West ran onstage, grabbed a mic, and interrupted her acceptance speech to announce his belief that Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” deserved that award instead.

Now, we can argue all day and night about whether or not Beyonce was robbed — hey, I like both videos in question — but that was a pretty uncool move on Kanye’s part. We’re talking about a 19-year-old. Let her have her moment! I’m sure an artist as poised and graceful as Beyonce wouldn’t have approved of such obnoxious behavior. And what happened to “I don’t get offended anymore,” Yeezy?

Of course, for all we know we’ll find out tomorrow that this whole thing was a publicity stunt. It sure looked real, though — a whole lot realer than, say, the Bruno/Eminem encounter from this year’s MTV Movie Awards. What did you think of what went down?

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