Though tomorrow’s Video Music Awards will feature performances from biggies like Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Green Day, trailers for upcoming films like New Moon and Fame could upstage the flashy crooners. And a promo for the highly-anticipated Michael Jackson’s This is It flick could upstage the trailers! Figuring fans can’t wait for Sunday’s show, is already showing snippets of the promo on its website here. Other than a bitchen moment when two dancers seem to jump 40 feet high on stage, the mini-trailer doesn’t offer much – but it gave me goosebumps just the same. Call me a gooey sentimentalist, but hearing Jackson say “it’s all for love…L-O-V-E” made me a little sad and yet damn eager to see the concert film that’s out Oct. 28. What do you think? Are you jonesing to see Jackson’s final weeks as an international pop star?