The star of ''Three Rivers'' talks about his new role

Alex O’Loughlin
New Drama — 9-10 PM — CBS — Debuts Oct. 4

It’s probably best not to ask about the vampires. Alex O’Loughlin may play a hunky transplant surgeon on Three Rivers this fall, but he’s known to his obsessively loyal following as the bloodsucker Mick St. John from CBS’ little-seen series Moonlight. The vampire drama, explains O’Loughlin, ”was a very ambitious show with no clear vision,” and the schedule ”nearly killed all of us.” Rivers, meanwhile — about an organ-transplant team in Pittsburgh — casts O’Loughlin as Andy Yablonski, who’s based on real-life surgeon ”Gonzo” Gonzalez-Stawinski. ”I’m totally starstruck by this guy,” says O’Loughlin, 34, who scrubbed in with the M.D. as research. But might the star have a twinge of regret about Moonlight as Twilight and True Blood explode? ”No, it’s cool,” he says. ”Our vampires were the best.”