Sarah Jessica Parker, Leona Lewis, and Rod Blagojevich made pop culture news this week


· Sarah Jessica Parker: Holy fortysomething midriff. We couldn’t help but wonder: How do we get that?
· But first…a bit of self-promotion. Julie Chen’s Big Brother blog on is really terrific.
· Love the new 90210 opening credits; all that’s missing is Brandon’s fist-pump.
· Kathy Griffin as Kate Gosselin, complete with swimsuit and tummy tuck scars, on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
· Leona Lewis’ new single ”Happy”: soaring, dynamic — and totally the song Whitney Houston should have had on her new album.

· Tyra Banks’ real hair
· Britney Spears covers Alanis Morissette’s ”You Oughta Know,” and it’s not embarrassing. Hell, we’ll say it: It’s good!
· We know he’s tubby for a role, but we like our Matt Damon ab-by, not flabby.
· If Deauville, France, holds a film festival and Mira Sorvino shows up, did it ever really happen?
· Melanie Oudin at the U.S. Open: If Legally Blonde were about tennis.
· President Obama, if you’re going to preempt prime-time TV, at least have the courtesy to do it during ‘Til Death.

· Bob Barker guest-hosts WWE’s Raw; pummels wrestler who can’t name the price of Dinty Moore beef stew.
· Please ban ”tweet-peat” reruns of shows. All the ADD in the world doesn’t make them enjoyable.
· Summer’s over. Now can ”I Gotta Feeling” go away?
· Katy Perry kissed a…we’re going to go with lipstick, and she liked it.
· Saturday Night Live drops Michaela Watkins. Bitch, pleeze, do you think you’ll find anyone better?
· Some people shouldn’t be allowed to meet with a publisher, much less write a book. Rod Blagojevich is one of them.
· Paralyzing fear over how NBC will remake Prime Suspect