By Leah Greenblatt
Updated September 11, 2009 at 08:41 PM EDT
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Credit: Will.I.Am: Albert Watson; Carey: Markus Klinko & Indrani; Nickelback: Marina Chavez

Grab a bendy straw and and get ready to sip the haterade, Music Mixers — British music blog Gigwise has compiled its definitive list of the 50 worst albums of the 2000s.

While it has its share decidedly U.K.-centric picks — reality blow-up dolls Katie Price and Peter Andre grab the No. 1 spot, and quintessentially Brit outfits like Oasis, Razorlight and Robbie Williams are royally dissed — North Americans hardly escape their wrath.

Amongst the damned: Avril Lavigne (for 2002’s Let Go), Jennifer Lopez (2005’s Rebirth), Mariah Carey (2002 underwhelmer Charmbracelet) Guns ‘n Roses ( 2007’s Chinese Democracy), and the Black Eyed Peas, for their latest; plus less-than-stellar catalog entries from nu-metallers Staind and Puddle of Mudd, and Limp Bizkit.

Not to be outdone? few of our favorite actress/singer/spray-tan-provider hyphenates (Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, the Simpsons Ashlee and Jessica); the odd sad white rapper (Vanilla Ice, Kevin Federline), grunge god Chris Cornell, the JoBros, and — last but not least — Celine Dion. Her heart will go on!

Get the full list after the jump (and see all its brutally snarky commentary compiled on one page here):

50. Oasis: ‘Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants’ (2000)

49. Black Eyed Peas: ‘The E.N.D’ (2009)

48. Hard Fi: ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’ (2007)

47. Razorlight: ‘Razorlight’ (2006)

46. Scouting For Girls: ‘Scouting For Girls’ (2007)

45. Daniel Powter: ‘Daniel Powter’ (2005)

44. The Darkness: ‘One Way Ticket To Hell… And Back’ (2005)

42. Queen & Paul Rodgers: ‘The Cosmos Rocks’ (2008)

41. Guns N Roses: ‘Chinese Democracy’ (2008)

40. Kaiser Chiefs: ‘Yours Truly, Angry Mob’ (2007)

39. Mark Ronson: ‘Version’ (2007)

38. Puddle of Mudd: ‘Life On Display’ (2003)

37. Staind: ‘Break The Cycle’ (2001)

36. Avril Lavigne: ‘Let Go’ (2002)

35. Nickelback: ‘All The Right Reasons’ (2005)

34. The Twang: ‘Jewellery Quarter’ (2009)

33. Towers of London: ‘Blood Sweat and Towers’ (2006)

32. Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em: ‘’

31. Limp Bizkit: ‘Results May Vary’ (2003)

30. Las Ketchup: ‘Hijas del Tomate’ (2002)

29. Westlife: ‘Allow Us To Be Frank’ (2004)

28. Tokio Hotel: ‘Scream’ (2007)

27. Jennifer Lopez: ‘Rebirth’ (2005)

26. Robbie Williams: ‘Rudebox’ (2006)

25. Lindsay Lohan: ‘Speak’ (2004)

24. Mariah Carey: ‘Charmbracelet’ (2002)

23. Geri Halliwell: ‘Scream If You Wanna Go Faster’ (2001)

22. Alice Deejay: ‘Who Needs Guitars Anyway?’ (2000)

21. Ashlee Simpson: ‘I Am Me’ (2005)

20. Kelly Osbourne: ‘Changes’ (2003)

19. James Blunt: ‘Back To Bedlam’ (2004)

18. Jessica Simpson: ‘Do You Know’ (2008)

17. Craig David: ‘Born To Do It’ (2000)

16. Insane Clown Posse: ‘Bizzar’/’Bizaar’ (2000)

15. Celine Dion: ‘Taking Chances’ (2007)

14. Gareth Gates: ‘What My Heart Wants To Say’ (2003)

13. Rik Waller: ‘From Now’ (2002)

12. Enrique Iglesias: ‘Escape’ (2001)

11. Daphne & Celeste: ‘We Didn’t Say That!’ (2000)

10. Vanilla Ice: ‘Bi-Polar’ (2001)

9. Victoria Beckham: ‘Victoria Beckham’ (2001)

8. The Cheeky Girls: ‘Party Time’ (2004)

7. Paris Hilton: ‘Paris’ (2006)

6. Chris Cornell: ‘Scream’ (2009)

5. Kevin Federline: ‘Playing With Fire’ (2006)

4. brokeNCYDE: ‘I’m Not A Fan… But The Kids Like It’ (2009)

3. Crazy Frog: ‘Crazy Hits’ (2005)

2. The Jonas Brothers: ‘A Little Bit Longer’ (2008)

1. Katie Price & Peter Andre: ‘A Whole New World’ (2006)

What do you think, Music Mixers — what sonic abominations are missing here? And who deserves to be taken off this list altogether?

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