By Ken Tucker
September 10, 2009 at 04:38 PM EDT

Russell Brand wore a Karl Marx t-shirt on The View this morning, said he was reading Das Kapital in the green-room, and said he was ready to espouse a “socialist ideology — oh, and watch the VMAs,” he added.

On The View to promote his hosting gig on MTV this weekend, the Brit Brand quickly turned the show’s final segment into a hilarious free-for-all. He came on to Sherri Shepherd, complimenting her legs and shoes, noting that her public stance of chastity should be altered. Brand  told Shepherd that if she would see him “outside the precincts of The View” he would “make you forget your own name.” Guest co-host Meghan McCain used this as her segue into Brand being named “shagger of the year,” a nice award to receive, but whose issuing academy was unfortunately never explained.

“I feel a combination of relaxed and aroused in your company,” he said to Whoopi, Barbara, Joy, Shepherd, and McCain.

This, just after a segment during which Juliette Binoche merrily said the French and American translation of the word “merde” repeatedly and was told she’d been “bleeped more times than any guest on the show.”

I’d love to include a clip of any and all of this, but ABC has a lousy website. You can watch the full episode here.

Did you watch The View this morning? What do you think of Russell Brand? And Karl Marx, for that matter?