By Margaret Lyons
Updated September 10, 2009 at 04:50 PM EDT

Fox has hired Big Bang Theory writer Steve Holland to turn the awesomely raunchy and baffling site Texts from Last Night [lots of NSFW language] into a half-hour comedy series. According to Variety, “Holland will loosely base the show’s characters and plot on the whole idea of racy — and sometimes embarrassing — communication, particularly among the twentysomething set.”

Most of the TFLN contain foul language, mentions of drugs, alcohol abuse, and (often adventurous) sexual situations, so cable seems like a better fit to me. But there’s no reason a TV show about twetnysomethings who like to drink and exchange body fluids couldn’t be a hit. Who can top such strange lines as “Sex on bubble wrap = best decision ever”? Or He looks like Jesus, if Jesus had let himself go”? I’m still crossing my fingers for a show that turns Overheard in New York (or its brethren) into short animated films, a la Creature Comforts.

PopWatchers, this seems like a loose connection at best to me, which is why I’m vaguely optimistic: I love TFLN, and I like a good old fashion goofy, shenanigan-filled sitcom. Do you share my enthusiasm, or does site-to-show sound like a bad move?