By Whitney Pastorek
September 10, 2009 at 08:15 PM EDT

Ace of Base

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EW’s Music Mix is searching for the Greatest Guilty Pleasure Musical Act of All Time. With eight seeded contestants remaining (see all the matchups), this tournament is continuing to change hearts, minds, and lives, as well as make some people remarkably agitated! Read/listen to the following, and then cast your vote in the poll after the jump; reader comments will be used from here on out, so we encourage you to also post a comment explaining why you chose the way you did. Note: In case of a tie, please select the artist you feel more ashamed to adore.


Phish fans brought their usual voting shenanigans and nonsensical vulgarity to their defeat of Mariah Carey. Yawn.

“If you have ever been a phan of phish you would know it is more of a guilty obsession than a guilty pleasure but all the same. Ask most phish phans if they tell their boss where they are going when it is tour time. Most say they are going on fam vacation or something. Within our “Phamily” (that SMS isnt a part of) it isnt guilty…. when talking about it to anyone else we know… it is a guilty pleasure.” — Pensacola n00b


Ace of Base squeaked past Celine Dion in Round Two.

“I literally rocked out to Ace of Base, the first cassette I ever owned, in the back of an el camino while my family was travelling on a 7 hour road trip. I didn’t even notice the hours fly by.” — Ambee

“Just for fun, walk up to somebody and say ‘I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes I saw the sign’ and see how many people know what you are talking about. And see how many people pretend that they don’t.” — Jess

“Life is demanding. Without understanding.” — Anon

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Photo Credit: Ace of Base: Andre Csillag/Rex USA/Everett Collection

Ace of Base

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