A few naked guys streak outside during a party scene early in Whiteout. But other than that, as I mention in my review, Kate Beckinsale is the only one who takes the time to strip down, enjoying a lingering shower before suiting up again (complete with a pretty, fur-trimmed hat) to face a well-insulated killer in this snow-based cartoon action thriller.

I’m all for attractive actors of all sexes stripping down in cartoon action thrillers, and I support the right of movie stars to deduct the cost of personal trainers to keep them on-screen shower ready. I guess I was so struck by the superfluous skin shot because it’s just so…superfluous, and so clichéd, and one of so many cheerily cheesy clichés snowballed into one average movie. Examples: When Kate’s character washes her face at a bathroom sink, looks up at the mirror, and sees a dangerous man behind her! When Russians drink vodka before gunshots ring out! When doors don’t open or shut in an emergency! When a black guy who’s not the lead character is destined to either be sidelined or killed!

Okay, your turn: Name your favorite action-thriller cliché.