By Mandi Bierly
Updated September 10, 2009 at 10:06 PM EDT

Barry Manilow and his management have partnered with the production companies co-owned by Michael Stipe and Tom Hanks to develop a romantic comedy featuring songs from his catalogue. According to Variety, we’re not talking Mamma Mia!, we’re talking about a Love Actually-style film that simply involves the intersecting storylines of Fanilows descending on Vegas to see Barry headline Mandalay Bay. Manilow’s music would be throughout the film; he would appear onscreen to perform a song or two.

Since no information was given about specific storylines, I vote we all suggest one. Here’s mine: A woman in her early-30s named after Manilow’s song “Mandy”* is convinced she’s still single and destined never to be appreciated because of the song’s lyrics: “Oh, Mandy/Well, you came and you gave without taking/But I sent you away/Oh, Mandy”. She thinks Manilow owes her, and has come to demand that he help find her a man over the next 48 hours. (She also demands a cameo by Manilow’s best friend, Suzanne Somers.)

Your turn.

* I’m Mandi with an ‘i’ because my mother was a schoolteacher who didn’t want me to have to “go below the line” when learning how to write my first name.