By Margaret Lyons
Updated September 09, 2009 at 04:02 PM EDT

White Collar made my day today by announcing that Natalie Morales — one of our lovely geek hotties — has been bumped up to full-fledged cast member. Holla! I was nuts about Morales on the little seen but wildly excellent The Middleman, so I’m glad that she’ll be back in action, especially because, drumroll: White Collar has my new favorite cast.

Exhibit A: Tim DeKay Is there nothing I don’t love about Tim DeKay? (Maybe Tell Me You Love Me…. but even that he was good in, it was just a weird show.) I loved him on Everwood. I super loved him on Carnivale, which again, kind of a weird show, but he was so convincingly old-timey and gruff. The New Adventures of Old Christine, The 4400, Scrubs — stop stalking me, Tim DeKay! Just kidding, please stalk me.

Exhibit B: Matthew Bomer, aka Bryce from Chuck. My, my. Sure, Traveler was just okay, but Chuck-associated bonus points will push anyone into the win column.

The plot for White Collar isn’t quite as exciting as the cast: Bromer plays a con artist who helps FBI agents Morales (rookie) and DeKay (veteran) bust, yes, white-collar criminals. And yet I am all over this like a hobo on a ham sandwich.

PopWatchers, is White Collar‘s cast enough to get you to tune in?

Photo credit: ABC