She’s baaaack. Susan Boyle, champion of dowdy songstresses everywhere, is headed to our shores to perform on the Sept. 16 finale of America’s Got Talent, according to our good buddies over at People. Boyle — who didn’t win Britain’s Got Talent but did win the hearts of millions thanks to her stunning debunkment of the popular notion that only pretty people can do things well — will take a break from finishing her debut album (due Nov. 24 and already cleaning up in Amazon pre-orders) to pop over here and show us how it’s done. No word on what she’ll be singing, but the smart money’s on, oh, I don’t know, “I Dreamed A Dream”? People also reports she’s covered Madonna’s “You’ll See” for her record — perhaps we’ll hear that instead?

Who’s excited, America? This lady created such a firestorm earlier this year, generating popularity so enormous she (quite understandably) cracked a bit under the pressure. I for one hope she’s got her feet back underneath her once again — but is everybody still super-jazzed about her existence? Or has our national attention, always so fascinatingly chipmunk-esque in its span, already moved on to other shiny things? Will you be tuning in? And what should she sing?

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