By Margaret Lyons
Updated September 09, 2009 at 11:00 AM EDT

Mad Men in 60 seconds is almost too on-the-nose:

Of course, this got me thinking about Sunday night’s episode, which didn’t hit quite the same jaw-dropping levels as last week. Still, “The Arrangements” did bring one element of the show into stark relief for me: all the nicknames. Other than SportsCenter, I can’t think of a single more nickname-happy series ever.

There’s the whole “e” family of nicknames:

Betty, Bobbie, Bobby, Freddy, Harry, Hildy, Jimmy, Kitty, Peggy, Smitty, plus Trudy and Sally, which sound like nicknames but aren’t

The weird ones:

Crab Colson, Hoho Cook, Duck Phillips

The short ones:

Don, Ken, Pete, Burt, Midge, Greg, Sal

Which just leaves Paul, Joan, Gill, Rachel, Roger, Francine, Helen, Jane, and Glen in the not-nicknamed category.

Who’d I leave off, PopWatchers? And can you think of reasons why the show is so nickname-intensive?

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