Okay, it’s late…this blog is going to be turned in late. I can’t stop watching Sho2 and this CRAZY endurance competition. These three are troopers, to say the least. Natalie’s almost fallen twice (as of 10:00 PM PT), but they’re all still hanging in. Okay, by the time you read this, we’ll all know the end result…but, I’m dying to know how this turns out!

Okay, as I watch, I’ll try to focus.

First off, CONGRATULATIONS to Natalie and Jason on their engagement. At the end of the day, Big Brother is just a game, but this was huge. Natalie, whatever happens in the Big Brother house this week, all of us at Big Brother wish you both all the joy and happiness that life has to offer. Don’t be haters, viewers, this is real life and we should all embrace this event. Big Brother is a game, their engagement is real…best, again, to both of them.

Natalie on Jason’s proposal: “He gets on one knee and he proposes. I had envisioned when I’d get proposed…I would cry, I would yell, I would scream…kicking and screaming like “Hooray!” And…I was quiet. I was in shock. I’ve been in this house for over two months and haven’t even heard his voice….now he’s proposing on one knee? Is this even happening??? I couldn’t believe it.”

Having said that, back to game play…it’s true, Natalie could have chosen not to walk through the door. Be honest, would you have resisted? The fact that she gave up the ability to compete in the Power Of Veto…that’s a big OOPS! Kevin was none too pleased.

Right…back to the HOH Competition…

H.O.H. COMPETITION: “Fact Or Fiction?”

Winner: Natalie

Each player stood on a part of a round platform which was split by partitions. The floor was separated by “Fact” or “Fiction” sections. The players were asked questions and answered by either stepping into the “Fact” or “Fiction” area. Answer correctly, the Houseguest won a point.

It came down to a three-way tie and the final question was how many cans were successfully in the tubes during the “Can-Do” competition when it was done. Natalie answered closest with 75 (it was actually 91). Jordan!?…324 (or 24, if that was a scribble)? Either way…REALLY??? At least she’s honest by saying she gets flustered under pressure.

LUXURY COMPETITION: “Man-E-Can I Get A Shopping Spree?”

The remaining four broke off into two teams (Natalie/Kevin and Michele/Jordan). Teammates were separated by a barrier and then had to shout out matching articles of clothing to put on and run to the window to pose….okay…I have to interrupt myself. Michele posing vs. Jordan posing…LOL funny…anyway, they were all actually working together with a 10-minute time limit. If they were able to get all the matches in under 10 minutes, the rest of the time was given to them to attack the clothing racks set up inside the house (they could only keep what they could physically put on).

I actually felt sorry for the man mannequin as Kevin ripped it to shreds to get all off the poor guys’ clothing (yes, okay…I know…it’s a mannequin). Kev was definitely taking NO prisoners! He actually said to a mannequin, “Give me that scarf, bitch!” as he tried to rip the scarf off the head of an inanimate object! So good…we used it in last night’s opening.

Natalie to Michele (after the Luxury Competition): “I’ve been officially embarrassed on national TV.”

Michele: “Join the club.”

Kevin to Natalie: “You just got $1,000 worth of clothes and you want to try on the $15 basketball shorts??”


For the competition, the Houseguests had over 30 pairs of socks, 50 pairs of pants, 75 shirts, over 20 hats and 15 scarves to choose from to make matches.


Someone just fell off. The remaining two are trying to cut a deal…okay ,not really a spoiler alert.


Natalie took the bait and opened Pandora’s box. That also unleashed The Big Baby, The Copy Cat and The Roach. They proceeded to harass Jordan, Michele and Kevin for 20 minutes while Natalie enjoyed a meal and a marriage proposal upstairs (Congratulations, again, Natalie and Jason!).

Michele on having to deal with the Baby, Copy Cat and Roach: “I got all dressed up for this?”


Winner: Kevin

Clues are on two separate panels and the Houseguests must find the correct answers to fit both sides…okay, I could try to break this down…it was a good one, but too hard to describe. Check out Sunday’s episode on to see it play out.

Props to the editing department on this one. The dramatic score as we watched Kevin and Michele battle it out juxtaposed with…how shall I put this… “Jordan’s Theme” cracked me up. Well done, BB team!

Having said that, I’m not gonna lie…I would have been a disaster in this competition! When they showed how many answers Michele got wrong first go around…I was done.

Kevin won (Viewers, as they say, all is fair in…whatever it is in the BB house), and Natalie could barely contain herself as she ran into the HOH room to grab two of those spiked lemonade drinks. AGAIN…why hasn’t anyone questioned Natalie (the 24-year-old claiming to be 18) being able to drink alcohol?

SIDENOTE: Jordan’s response, having viewed Natalie’s boyfriend’s picture in the H.O.H. room: “I can tell your boyfriend is older.” I’m stuck at home, yelling at the television, “CONNECT THE DOTS!” Sigh.

Take it or leave it, HUGE props to Natalie for maintaining the “I’m 18” ruse when she’s actually 24.


  • The Log the Houseguests were standing on for the competition was 20 feet long and had a 3-foot diameter.

  • Over 150 fake trees and shrubs were used to create the forest in the backyard.

Okay, for those who stayed tuned and watched Sho2 and our live feed at…do you believe ANYTHING that’s been said? Is the Final Two a done deal? I’m exhausted. Yes, readers, I host this show, but I’m also a fan.

Before I go, Michele was a pleasure. Still don’t get why the Houseguest were so vindictive towards her…she doesn’t either. For those wondering, she actually brought the devil headband into the BB House when she first arrived and chose to reveal it for the first time last night! My extended interview with her can be seen if you go to and follow it to the Early Show link.

BTW…former Houseguests Mike Boogie (Big Brother 2; Winner, Big Brother All-Stars), Danielle Reyes (Big Brother 3; Big Brother All-Stars), Janelle (Big Brother 6, Big Brother All-Stars) and Evel Dick (Winner, Big Brother 8) will join me LIVE on stage this THURSDAY (Sept. 10) at 8 PM ET to discuss this season of Big Brother…can’t wait!


Big Baby: Baby made boom boom!”

Jordan: “In your butt?”

Kevin on Natalie: “Bitch, you’re the princess. I’m the real queen!”

Natalie to Kevin (while playing cards): “I don’t cheat, Kev.”

Jordan (reacting to Michele saying she doesn’t know how to ride a bike): “It is easy…”

Michele: For someone with balance.

Kevin (on the Splish-Splash room – their nickname for the Blue Room): “Something about sleeping in the bottom of a pool is creepy…like you have drowned and stuff.”


QUESTION: Julie, why didn’t Jeff get any goodbye messages?

JULIE: We had them all ready to go but because we are a live show, there are often portions of the program that run longer or shorter than we guess it will run. There were a few areas where we ran longer than we expected and so we had to make the executive decision to trim that part of the show out. We must leave a certain amount of time to get through the HOH competition at the end of the show so we have a winner before our live hour is up!

QUESTION: Hi Julie, were you insulted when Natalie lied to you on national TV? We all saw her behavior during Kevin’s Pandora’s box trial, yet she virtually denied it to you!

JULIE: I was not insulted at all. I kind of expected it. Had she been truthful it would have been out of character for her. She has prided herself on being a master manipulator in this game and her answer fell in line with that.

QUESTION: When you do the 2-hour finale, can you do America a huge favor and LIMIT how much you speak to Ronnie? He’s truly grating to watch/listen to, and it’ll ruin my excitement for the 2-hour special. Nothing he would say would interest me. On that same topic, feel free to ask Jeff/Jordan as many questions as you like regarding their relationship.

JULIE: I can’t make any guarantees like that but I will say this: In years past, if you don’t make it to the jury (which Ronnie did not)… you usually don’t get too much face time on the finale. Does that make you feel better? Hope so!

QUESTION: Julie, Pandora’s Box was promoted as potentially having game-changing effects inside the house. But nothing really changed except demonstrating to Kevin how untrustworthy Natalie is (and he knew that to begin with). Shouldn’t there been some kind of reward for freeing Kevin from the box within a certain time period? Something that validates honorable game-play?

JULIE: No, the whole point was to test the Houseguests and see how honorable people are without a reward being involved. If it involved a reward, you’d never know the true reason why someone helped Kevin.

QUESTION: Why would CBS even allow Chima to participate, given her horrendous ordeal in 1999? She should never have been cast, due to her circumstances. She is a strong woman, but those emotional scars will never go away.

JULIE: What happened to her in 1999 was not her fault and it should not be used against her. Let’s not forget she was the victim. To not cast her because of what someone did to her would not be fair…it was not her choice to be victimized.

By not casting her would almost be like blaming her for what happened. Not fair.

QUESTION: What was your reaction to Jesse ripping off his shirt and then TUCKING IT UNDER THE SOFA CUSHION??? Do grown adults seriously behave this way in the Big Brother house? I am mortified for him because he clearly is not aware of his slobbery!

JULIE: My reaction was surprise. Then I saw he had a T-shirt on underneath promoting himself as a sports entertainer. That’s when I realized he had a good idea he was getting evicted. Why else would he be doing this? I thought he must be trying to use every second in the spotlight to try and capitalize on the fame and attention the show has brought him. Savvy.

QUESTION: I didn’t believe Russell when he told you that he wouldn’t stab Jeff in the back. Did you believe him?

JULIE: I believed that he believed it in that moment when he told me. However, I think people end up changing their mind and alliances so frequently in this game that anything could have been possible!

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