Forget Team Edward. Bring on Team Amos! According to an article today in The Wall Street Journal, readers are going buggy for a new literary genre: Amish romances, a.k.a. “bonnet books.”

It sounds crazy, right? I think not! In fact, it makes perfect sense that the genre would begin attracting fans. After all, there are more similarities than one would think between romances about the Amish and ever-popular vamp tales. Forbidden love, anyone? And like many YA bloodsucker novels, bonnet books are generally G-rated — making them attractive to parents and youngin’s alike — and penned mostly by women (who, interestingly enough, are not Amish themselves).

I have yet to read a bonnet book, but now I’m more than curious. Would you get drawn into stories of forbidden love in places like Lancaster County, Pa., Shelf Lifers? Or are you already addicted?