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I’ve nothing against the UFC or its champions. I’m not a moron: I don’t want to get hurt. But I am hoping for more from director Joe Carnahan and producers Ridley and Tony Scott when it comes to casting their A-Team movie. You’ve got Liam Neeson for Hannibal and Bradley Cooper for Faceman…but now we’re seeing reports that you’ve settled on Quenton “Rampage” Jackson for B.A. Barracus? [Neither 20th Century Fox nor the UFC responded to EW’s requests for confirmation.]

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: B.A. (portrayed by Mr. T in the TV series) doesn’t need to be a musclebound mountain of a man. He needs to be scary. Intelligence and ruthlessness are scarier than body mass. And maybe I’m wrong about Jackson and he’d bring everything the role requires — and then some. But I’m just not feeling it. I just hope with the last outstanding role to cast — the loose-cannon Murdock — I’m pleasantly surprised.

How does news of Rampage’s casting sit with you: tired or inspired?

Photo Credit: Mr. T: Globe Photos; Jackson: Chris Farina/WireImage

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