By Lynette Rice
September 08, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

During the season premiere of her syndicated talk show today, Tyra Banks agreed to include celebrity blogger Perez Hilton in a future episode of America’s Next Top Model if he lays off celebrity kids in his popular yet polarizing blog. “Being a celebrity, we put ourselves out there to be picked on,” explained Banks, “but I do feel that when you are a kid of a celebrity, I don’t feel they should be put in the public to be made fun of, they should be protected.”

Hilton, who reportedly taped the episode last month, was only willing to take a one-month hiatus from kid bashing, but after an on-camera negotiation with Banks that started with her asking for a year-long freeze, the duo agreed that he’d avoid catty comments about underage kids for six months. Ironically, the episode aired only a few weeks after Hilton took Demi Moore’s 15-year-old daughter Tallulah to task on his Twitter page for wearing a low-cut top. Moore responded with a Tweet of her own, saying “Clearly Perez Hilton isn’t taking violating child pornography laws very seriously.” 

Earlier in the show today, Hilton attempted to explain his blogging style by saying he writes mean things “on purpose to get a rise out of people”  but he insists that it’s not the real him. “It is humor or my interpretation of it,” Hilton said. “It’s easy. It’s easy. I shine the light on celebrities.”