Buried in the middle of a Billboard story about the business side of the new Beatles remasters is the following tantalizing paragraph: “And just in time for the start of the holiday shopping season, sources say ABC is planning to air a two-hour prime-time special on Thanksgiving night that will feature Beatles footage and contemporary artists performing Beatles songs.”

Oh, really! ABC declined to comment when contacted by EW, but that’s no reason not to start getting extremely psyched. Speaking as someone who’s been DVRing and re-watching the old Beatles Anthology documentaries on VH1 the past couple of Wednesdays — still awesome, BTW — the phrase “two-hour prime-time special” is sweet music to my ears. Any amount of Beatles footage being aired on television = I’m sold.

And what about those contemporary covers? At the top of my list, naturally, would be Radiohead playing “Sexy Sadie” (which helped inspire “Karma Police”) or “Happiness Is a Warm Gun” (ditto for “Paranoid Android”). Or how about Erykah Badu doing an extended funky jam on “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)”? Over on the poppier side, I bet Adam Lambert could make a big old rocker like “Helter Skelter” his own. I could even see someone like Taylor Swift working wonders on a confessional pop tune like “I’m a Loser.” How about you? Name the artists you’d like to see take on the Beatles catalog in prime time, below.

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