It’s back to school time, so ’tis the season to remind you about your homework: The Pop Culture Club will meet here at Popwatch on Thursday morning to discuss the updated Melrose Place, which premieres tonight (Tuesday) at 9 p.m. on The CW. For those unfamiliar with the PCC, some background: Every week I assign a TV show, movie, or DVD, and we assemble (or e-ssemble, in internet-ese; I’m clever!) to discuss, praise, or – quite often – mercilessly mock it. (Last week we took in A&E’s chilling Hoarders.)

Come on by: It doesn’t matter whether you were a fan of the original Melrose Place or not. (I wasn’t; I don’t know my Amandas from my Timmys. Was there a Timmy?) We’ll discuss the show from the perspectives of both old fans and newbies. So get out your remote controls, your looseleaf notebook, and a #2 pencil, take notes, and I’ll meet you back here Thursday.

Melrose Place

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