By Mandi Bierly
September 08, 2009 at 02:03 PM EDT

Our obsession with/horror at the guest host gigs on WWE’s Monday Night Raw continued last night as Bob Barker stepped into the arena to serve as emcee in Chicago. If you saw his name trending on Twitter, that’s why. (Breathe! The man is alive and well and looking great.) What does Bob have to plug, you ask? His autobiography Priceless Memories, from which all proceeds go to his DJ&T Foundation. The opening of the show was the most painful. After Barker received a warm response — “I thank you for that wonderful welcome. I wish I had a refrigerator for everyone!” “We are really going to party tonight!” — we were forced to watch him play “The Price is Raw” with a few of the WWE stars bidding on the upcoming Best of Smackdown DVD. Chris Jericho literally got in Bob’s face for referring to him as “Chris” instead of “Mr. Jericho,” and Bob gave it right back to him: “The man talks. He’s actually speaking!” (You go, Bob!) After Barker threatened to take him over his knee, we mercifully moved on to action in the ring.

Sure, we might have died a little inside seeing the 19-time Emmy winner at a WWE event, but the man did appear to be having a great time. He was all smiles when he introduced a body slam contest. (How was the face-off between Big Show, “the world’s largest athlete,” and Mark Henry, “the world’s strongest man,” that boring though?) The only two segments that got me grinning were Bob’s sitdown interview, when he recounted the infamous tube top incident on The Price is Right and shared his injuries (i.e. a contestant once stepped on his broken toe), and when he pretended to go Chuck Norris on Chavo Guerrero’s ass.

How do you think Barker stacked up against previous Raw guest hosts like Jeremy Piven and Freddie Prinze Jr.?