Were you, like us, a bit sad to see that Joan’s wedding on Mad Men happened between seasons 2 and 3? Joan’s a fashion icon even in the secretarial break room, so there was no telling how great she would look rocking an early ’60s bridal creation. Even if she was marrying a creepy sometime-rapist, Joan would have had those hips working the aisle in style — lots of crinoline and a Jackie-style white pillbox hat and veil topping it off, perhaps?

But no, we didn’t get to witness the ceremony or even get to see any wedding pictures, just silver-fox Sterling tipping his hat to Joan and calling her “Mrs. Harris” in episode 1. Matthew Weiner, why have you robbed us of this wedding-day bliss? We keep small hope alive for a flashback later this season but will have to be somewhat consoled by bratty Margaret Sterling’s impending nuptials.

Meanwhile, it turns out we can live out our Joan wedding fantasies with actress Christina Hendricks modeling contemporary bridal fashions in the Fall 2009 InStyle Weddings (disclosure: a sister magazine to EW). And – how’s this for meet-cute Sterling Cooper style – Hendricks reveals in the magazine’s interview that she was introduced to her fiancé Geoffrey Arend, an actor who appears in (500) Days of Summer, through a night out with Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell). Get started on that Campbell-style chip-n-dip wedding registry, Christina! For her own real-life wedding, Hendricks will wear a Carolina Herrera strapless dress in a color called candlelight. She tells InStyle: “It’s got a bit of Sophia Loren to it, but really, it’s a Christina Hendricks dress.” Joan couldn’t have said it better herself.

Is anyone else crying in your champagne because we didn’t get to see Joan’s wedding? Hendricks looks great in everything everywhere the InStyle spread, though, right?

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Photo Credit: Holloway: AMC

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