By Annie Barrett
Updated September 04, 2009 at 07:45 PM EDT

In a bold new initiative apparently designed to trick relaxed humans into thinking they might still be at the office, Fox aired a special “Tweet-peat” episode of Fringe Thursday night. (I’m pretty sure it was Fox, despite how loudly the “other crap taking up half the screen” motif was screaming “TV Guide Channel!”) Basically, producers and cast members offer/foist their Twitter feeds onto the bottom of the screen, answering fan questions and sharing behind-the-scenes scoop. A similar Tweet-peat of Glee airs tonight at 9. (Here’s how you can participate.)

According to Fox, the Twittervision was intended not to boost ratings but to enhance the viewing experience for fans. Lost has done something visually similar with its enhanced episodes, but those pop-ups struck me as helpful (and much easier to ignore) bits of trivia for newbies or casual fans. The Fringe tweet-peat’s constantly changing text, which often resembled a one-sided conversation, was completely distracting. If I really wanted to follow the Fringe producers on Twitter, I could have just done that. Fox could even have shown the big blue Twitter bird fluttering its wings in a bottom corner the whole time and it would have been less annoying. And that sounds SUPER annoying!

I’m cool with Twitter’s existence, obviously, but never, ever, ever want it on my TV screen again. In the words of PopWatch mascot Valerie Cherish, I DON’T NEED TO SEE THAT! What about you?

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