''Fringe: The Complete Series,'' ''Harper's Island,'' and ''Mr. Belvedere: Season 3'' are now out

By EW Staff
Updated September 04, 2009 at 04:00 AM EDT

Fringe: The Complete First Series (2008-09)
Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv make a darn fine Mulder and Scully, tracking weirdness known as the Pattern. But the Emmy dis for John Noble as Dr. Bishop still hurts.

Criminal Minds: Season 4 (2008-09)
It’s the season of Reid (Matthew Grey Gubler): he barely escaped death by anthrax in one episode, and fought repressed memories — maybe his dad was a killer — in another.

Harper’s Island: The DVD Edition (2009)
The whodunit of the murder mystery wasn’t as cool as the hows — e.g., sliced in half by rogue fishing gear, or slowly fed into propeller blades. Harsh.

Important Things With Demetri Martin (2009)
Martin is fun in the Stella-style skits, but he’s at his clever best at his easel, parsing, say, how to make something cool uncool (take a lion, add a sweater vest).

Mr. Belvedere: Season 3 (1986-87)
Another family-friendly season of trouble for the Owens clan: Heather dated a thief, Marsha had to represent Kevin in court, and Wesley tried to get Mr. B deported.