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September 04, 2009 at 11:33 AM EDT
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The sigh heard around the Big Brother Universe…Jeff got duped and was sent packing last night. Personally, I have no agenda as to who goes each week, but I’m not going to lie…I’ve had so many people come up to me this summer wanting to talk about Jeff. Folks love The Underdog and let’s face it…he was targeted week one (despite the fact he was on the winning clique!) and managed to make it to the Final Five. I’m sorry to see him go, though. After today, it’s just going to be “Unintentionally Funny Comments from Jordan”…although Michele, Natalie, and Kevin had some zingers this week as well (granted, they have all season, but Jeff and Jordan’s random interactions were just priceless. Those to come at the end of this blog!).

Michele on the Buddha statue in the house: “I don’t need Buddha’s power…I have my own power.”

Kevin: “If I get evicted, I’m taking Buddha with me.”


Winner: Kevin


•    Each of the Houseguests’ globes that they filled with chocolate held

16 gallons.

•    The cup the Houseguests used to transfer chocolate held 9 ounces of chocolate.

•    To completely fill the globe with chocolate the Houseguests had to run the equivalent of at least 4.15 miles (that’s if they didn’t spill a drop)!

BTW, I’m going to have to disagree with Jeff, who said Natalie had the best wipeout of the H.O.H. Competition during last night’s live show. Kevin went two feet in the air on his backside…that HAD to hurt (they were all a bit sore afterwards, but everyone’s fine!).

So, Natalie finally won a competition…she’s now the new Head-Of-Household. I’m curious to see what her 30 year-old boyfriend looks like…and if that might further cause the others to question her actual age (for those just joining us, Natalie has told most of the Houseguests that she’s 18, but she’s really 24). I’m getting ahead of myself, but I laughed watching Sho2 the other night when she tossed back four of those spiked lemonade drinks from Kevin’s HOH stash and Jeff said “What planet am I on, Big Brother, that an 18-year-old gets to sit back and get hammered and I can’t get a beer?” The fact that no one is taking that question a step further and possibly realizing that UNDERAGE DRINKING IS ILLEGAL AND WOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED is still beyond me!! Oh well, future Big Brother Houseguests…take heed. ☺

Natalie insists she’s not drunk.

Jeff: “Say the alphabet backwards.”

Natalie: “I can’t even do that sober….which I am!”

Kevin decided to open Pandora’s Box by sticking his hand in the hole and then, in his words, “screamed like a 12 year-old school girl!” when his arm was locked inside? The. Best. His reactions were too rich for words as he watched all the other Houseguests collected money in the yard while he slumped over Pandora’s Box, looking miserable. Another classic moment from Pandora’s Box was when Jeff was waddling up the stairs with all that money stuffed in his pants and Natalie was on his heels and he couldn’t figure out why.

Jeff, totally annoyed with Natalie as they headed up the stairs to the HOH room: “Why are you following me?? Get AWAY from me!!!”

Sho2 was even funnier that night when Jeff’s paranoia was in full swing and he was convinced something bad was going to happen to him because he found the key and thought Natalie knew more than she was admitting (which she actually didn’t, but it was also amusing to watch her try to convince Jeff, but she couldn’t keep a straight face long enough to make her argument). He kept creating all these scenarios in his head and worked himself up into a ridiculously funny frenzy.

POWER OF VETO COMPETITION: “Martians are From Mars, House Guests Are From Veto”

WINNER: Michele


Each Visio television that an alien image came up on was a 50 inch plasma monitor.

Kevin (on Michele and Natalie’s morphed alien photo): “Michele and Natalie’s? I think a hot mess drag queen…I see an alien drag queen!”

Something that didn’t make the broadcast: Production decided to mess with the Houseguests prior to the P.O.V. Competition. At random points, images of aliens would appear in various mirrors. At one point, Jordan was doing dishes and an alien appeared in the mirror and she just about jumped out of her skin. Jordan ran to tell Jeff who decided he was just going to keep his eyes closed from then on (he didn’t). Michele walked into the bathroom and was greeted by an alien in the mirror. Zero reaction…not even slightly taken aback. Jordan ran into the H.O.H. room to tell Kevin and Natalie and one appeared in the H.O.H. mirror…as Jordan’s luck would have it, she was the only one who saw it.

After Michele won the P.O.V. and took herself off the block, Kevin replaced her with Jordan. The sad realization that the “Showmance of the Summer” was coming to an end came to fruition. They were fun to watch while it lasted, though!

And now, the final Unintentionally Funny Comments from Jeff and Jordan (sigh, I’m going to miss these):

Jordan: “Use me and drop me.”

Jeff: “Who’s using who?”

Jordan: “I don’t use you at all. You are my BFF. You know that.”

Jeff (sarcastically, as he buried his head in the pillow): “…let’s get friendship bracelets.”

Jeff to Jordan: “If I could play again, I would just pretend that my arms and legs didn’t work and just drool and not win any competitions and just skate by.”

Jordan (while watching Jeff pack): “An ant just crawled into your shirt.”

Jeff: “F— it…it’s going to Chicago.”

Jordan: “I like when Barbra Streisand does interviews. WAIT! I mean Barbara Walters!”

Jeff (going in to the Diary Room): “I am going in there to bitch like a little bitch.”

Okay, this one is just too darn cute:

Jeff to Jordan, after she asked him what his best Big Brother experience was: “You.”

As a reminder, as I announced last night, next Tuesday, September 8, is a LIVE EVICTION SHOW, so be sure to tune-in at 9:00 PM ET/PT on CBS! Have a great Labor Day Weekend!!


QUESTION: Do you think CBS edits one person as a villain and one as a victim to garner sympathy or keep the public on their side? For example, the fight with Russell and Jeff, where Jeff’s blatant threats were left out of the broadcast to make it look like Russell was the evil one? Do you watch live feeds also or only the broadcast?

JULIE: We absolutely do NOT edit to makes one person look like a villain and one like the victim. We do our best job to accurately portray what’s going on the house in a concise manner. I find myself watching Sho2’s Big Brother After Dark quite often…many times when I should be doing my “Early Show” homework since I have an early wakeup call the next day. But, Big Brother After Dark is soooo addictive!

QUESTION: Who would you like to see on the next all stars?

JULIE: All the past winners facing off!

QUESTION: What player so far this season surprised you the most when you interviewed them?

JULIE: Russell. I was surprised how he was not the emotional and sometimes hot-headed player we saw in the house. I expected his emotions about the people and the game to be a bit more raw. But I think it’s probably very confusing when you are first evicted and see other human beings for the first time in weeks!

QUESTION: Hey, Julie! Have you ever thought about doing a celebrity version of Big Brother?

JULIE: Yes but I think half of what makes Big Brother so great is NOT HAVING celebrities and kind of creating some from putting them on the show. I love the “getting to know you” phase of Big Brother. You always learn that no one is all good and no one is all bad. Everyone has flaws…we’re human! (Okay, insert your own Chenbot joke here!). But seriously, it’s fun to see the personalities unfold and how some people can bring out the best or worst in others…and how sometimes enemies can become friends if just one element (ie. houseguest) gets eliminated from the picture. Natalie and Lydia were a good example of this. When Jessie left the house, these women started to get along (relatively). As for celebrities, my feeling is they can tend to be too aware of the cameras and media savvy to be as interesting as the non-celebrities we get to meet every year. This is not to say I would turn down a dream team of celebrity Houseguests for a celebrity season. Some names that come to mind include: Oprah Winfrey, Sasha Baron Cohen, Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin, Madonna, Manny Ramirez…

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