The end is nigh, PopWatchers! Again! Or so director Roland Emmerich would like us to believe come Nov. 13, when his latest pyrotechnic explode-athon, 2012, hits theaters. got an exclusive look at the brand-spanking-new one-sheet (pictured), so let’s examine it, shall we? Underneath the tagline WE WERE WARNED (Hollywood is so great with subtlety!) stands our old friend the Buddhist monk, whom we first met in the earliest teaser for the movie. Now the guy is standing atop the Himalayas, his robes a-blowin’ in the wind as the flood waters come a-barrelin’ in. Better get a move on, buddy, and ring that bell.

The new poster is but one aspect of 2012‘s ever-expanding marketing campaign, which includes a high-concept contest wherein regular folks like you and me can enter to be named Leader of the Post-2012 World. You know, that joyous period that will come after every last forest has burned to the ground, meteorites have fallen like bombs from the sky, and the seven seas have engulfed every last inch of land. I’m far too lazy to be Leader of the Free World, but maybe Columbia Pictures should let Sarah Palin know that enrollment in this particular “election” is free to the public?

Personally, I don’t care for end-of-the-world movies (especially those that depict a decimated New York) cause they scare the bejeezus out of me. So clearly, I’m not the target audience here. But for those of you who dig this stuff, what do you think of the new poster? Does it give you chills like it did me? What are your thoughts on this ginormous marketing campaign that’s underway and, since we’re still two full months away from release, is likely to keep going for a long time to come?