By Annie Barrett
September 04, 2009 at 04:50 PM EDT

The trailer for John Krasinski’s directorial debut, an adaptation of David Foster Wallace’s Brief Interviews With Hideous Men, is out today on Apple (and embedded below). Julie Nicholson plays a woman who, after her boyfriend leaves her with little explanation, dedicates her anthropological dissertation to figuring out what the hell is going on in mens’ brains. Some of the men: Will Arnett, Dominic Cooper, Bobby Cannavale, Timothy Hutton, Christopher Meloni, Max Minghella, and Ben Shenkman. They’ve been embodied by a paper bag in the movie’s poster because all of these men are just too hideous.

IFC bought the film’s distribution rights in July, long after the film premiered at Sundance. Hey, we were at Sundance! Krasinski chatted with Whitney Pastorek at length (in the spirit of DFW) about why he saw strength in Nicholson’s silence during most of her scenes, and how he survived a lengthy existential crisis as the project developed. He acts in the movie, too, and when asked being the “emotional climax” of the film, he freaked: “If I ruin it, I’ll ruin it for everyone!” (Watch their three-part interview, here.)

Aw, tell Jim he won’t ruin anything for anyone.