Why is Natalie the most irritating contestant on Big Brother 11… or perhaps in Big Brother history? Granted, she suffers from comparison to one of the most-loved BB contestants, Jeff, for whom she cast a deciding exit-vote last night.

But what makes Natalie worse than most previous Big Brother “villains”? (I mean, just take a look at the Comments in my Big Brother blog item and Josh Wolk’s TV Watch.)

Well, to start, for someone who’s lasted this long in the game, she’s got no — zero — sense of humor (a specialty in seasons past of, say, Dr. Will or Evel Dick). And in a game where back-stabbing and -dooring is part of strategy, she’s taken a ridiculous, even absurdist moral high ground, justifying her survival and (few) victories as salutes to fallen allies such as the ego-addled Jessie and the grumpy martyr Chima. To run around last night, as Natalie did after winning a foolish HOH competition that was just a lousy guessing-game and crowing triumphantly, “I did it by sticking to my word!” was kinda infuriating. Her “word” (a) had nothing to do with her win and (b) meant nothing anyway, since she’d broken her word to Jeff and others repeatedly.

Natalie does nothing that’s entertainingly bad/malicious/diabolical. Her vaunted taekwondo skills haven’t helped her stage any exciting competition victories. She can’t even come up with a mean trick like Season Two’s Shannon, who scrubbed a toilet with another player’s toothbrush. Natalie’s version of that would be to scrub a toilet with her own toothbrush and then run around the house yelling, “Yes! This is for you, Jessie!”

In the final weeks of any Big Brother, you need house guests who’ll question their own motives, strategy, and articulate in the diary room the disparity between the image they’re putting out to fool their housemates and the reality of their wicked schemes. Natalie has shown us none of this. Jordan has taken on the mantle of Dumb Contestant this season, but actually, Natalie is a lot more unintelligent in the way she has no self-awareness, no strategy. She just piggybacks onto any player who’s doing well. When Jessie was on a hot streak? She’d go with him. Now Kevin is HOH and articulate about his plans with her? She’ll claim her fealty to Kevin.

It’s this lack of conviction even in her alliances — combined with, as my colleague Dalton Ross has pointed out, her endlessly irritating voice, a kind of monotone-whine of self-righteousness — that doesn’t put Natalie in a Hall of Fame or Shame, but which just renders her an annoyance without any sting.

Kinda like the dragonfly she was terrified of recently.

Do you agree? Disagree? What is it about Natalie that you find annoying? Or would you rather see her win? Tell me, please.