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ABC launches killer Housewives spin-off
It was bound to happen: The increasing depletion of TV ad dollars as a result of digital video recorders has led one network to commit murder. ABC has recruited Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry to produce a series of eight commercials for Sprint that will unfold as a weekly soap opera aimed at discouraging fast-forwarding. ”They’re like the old Taster’s Choice commercials, but we added wicked dark humor, murder, and betrayal,” Cherry says of the 35-second spots, which will air once a week during Housewives beginning with the Sept. 27 premiere. None of the show’s regulars will appear in the ads, but Cherry has found a way to connect the marketing experiment with the ABC hit. Soap stars Rebecca Staab and David Chisum — who play the couple involved in a ”murderous love triangle” — will cross over to Housewives as background extras. Your move, TiVo.

Law & Order twist!
Fans of Law & Order will get a revealing glimpse into the personal life of Lieut. Van Buren this season when S. Epatha Merkerson’s taskmaster gets diagnosed with cancer. And you know it’s serious when they go and hire her a doctor: Stage actress Deirdre O’Connell has been tapped to play Van Buren’s oncologist.

Gossip guy kisses and tells
In a matter of moments, Neal Bledsoe went from being an unknown actor to the guy who made out with Ed Westwick on Gossip Girl. The episode doesn’t air until Oct. 19, but Bledsoe — who plays a gay NYU alum whom Blair pimps Chuck out to — happily offered us a preview.

How has your life changed?
It was my first experience with the paparazzi knowing my name. I thought maybe Neil Diamond or Neil Sedaka was standing behind me.

Was shooting the kiss awkward?
No. We were both professionals. [It helped] that we got to know each other a little bit beforehand. And we certainly rehearsed it.

How many takes did you do?
[Laughs] We did more than a few.

How would you characterize the kiss? Steamy? A little peck?
I would characterize it as a nice kiss.

Ed Westwick kisses just like…
[Laughs] He kisses just like Chuck Bass.

What did your girlfriend think?
She was happy I wasn’t kissing any of the girls on the show. She might’ve had some Blake Lively envy.

Where do you go from here?
I don’t think I’d be breaking my confidentiality agreement by saying this: I’m going to be in the Sex and the City sequel.

Playing who?
Um…it’s a character in the Sex and the City sequel.

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